What are some of the more frequent electrocution injuries? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp
  • Brain damage: If the brain or nervous system is electrocuted, injuries can include confusion, memory loss, and seizures.
  • Burns: Severe burns in the areas where the electric current entered and exited the body.
  • Cardiac injuries: If the electricity passes through the victim’s heart, it can cause irregularities or stop the house completely.
  • Fall injuries: The victim can lose consciousness and suffer a fall, especially if the incident occurs on a job site.
  • Fractures: When the muscles contract forcefully from the electric current, bones can fracture
  • Internal injuries: The current can damage any one or more of the internal organs.
  • Muscles injuries: The contraction from the electric current can cause tearing of the muscles.
  • Respiratory arrest: If the current hits the brain or chest muscles, the lungs can be affected, and breathing could be difficult or stop completely.