What is the statute of limitations in North Carolina? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The statute of limitations depends on the type of legal action you plan to take. In North Carolina, if you are seeking to file a personal injury claim, the statute of limitations is 3 years. A products liability claim may afford a 12-year statute of limitations, depending on the circumstances of your situation. A wrongful death claim only affords a 2-year statute of limitations. A statute of imitations is a law setting forth the maximum time you have to file a legal claim with a court against an at-fault party. after you are injured. In North Carolina, the amount of time you have to file your personal injury claim is limited. In some cases, when you become aware of your injuries, the statute of limitations begins. In other cases it begins at the time of the accident. Once the statute of limitations has expired, you cannot file a lawsuit.