What should I do and not do if I am involved in any personal injury situation? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Whether injured in a car wreck, on the job, or as the result of other negligent conduct of others, there are a few simple things anyone can do which will help in later investigations as well as the preservation of evidence and memories. The first step in any accident is to assess the presence and extent of any injuries. The appropriate authorities should be summoned without delay in the event of a car wreck (police and emergency medical personnel). You should also make an effort to identify as specifically as possible all eyewitnesses (names, addresses, telephone numbers).



In the event of a car wreck you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible. You should also obtain photographs of your automobile, if it is damaged, as well as any injuries which are apparent. If you don’t have a camera readily available disposable cameras are easily available at grocery and drug stores and serve an invaluable purpose in this setting.

As soon as practical after the incident have photographs taken of the scene of the incident. When dealing with a car wreck be sure to get photographs of the layout of the highway, controlling speed limit signs, highway markings, traffic control devices, skid marks and gouges in the pavement resulting from the wreck. Prompt and appropriate medical care is probably the most important aspect of dealing with any injuries.

Be sure you promptly obtain medical from a physician qualified to respond to your injuries. Give the doctor a complete history, including a description of the events which caused the injuries. Keep records of the dates of your doctor’s appointments, as well as the address and telephone number of the doctor’s office. This makes obtaining a complete medical file at a later date an easy task.

Most medical offices have business cards readily available, you simply need to obtain a card and keep them together for easy reference at a later date. These simple steps will assist in reconstruction of your wreck as well as your medical care which are essential in the protection of anyone injured as the result of the negligence of others. Virtually this entire site is devoted to this topic, to please read on. Review our “case results” and video discussions.