What should I say when I visit a medical doctor/provider? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

When you go to a physical therapist, stay on topic. This should be essentially talk about your care or how you were doing. Do not cozy up to the therapist and confide with them about your brother in law who was just released from the state penitentiary, or about anything that could somehow be used against you by an insurance lawyer months later.

We do explain to every injury client that if the case gets into court, the insurance lawyer’s basic strategy is to subpoena every medical record after the date of the accident, even going back for a number of years before the accident to study whether you had any condition that they can argue makes your claim less valuable. Some clients think they can hide a damaging medical record or opinion, but finding all relevant medical records is fairly easy for an insurance lawyer by simply going to a health insurance provider and getting a list of all expenses paid by that provider. They can also they simply look for cross-references between records.

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