Car Accident Injury Lawyers: Bus Accidents In North Carolina And South Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As North Carolina car accident injury attorneys we know that bus accidents in North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC) are not as unusual as you might think.  Buses are a part of many people’s lives – we may ride them to work, put our children on them, or use them for long-distance travel. In the United States alone, there are about 350 million bus passengers each year who travel a combined 28 million miles. Twenty four million school children ride the bus to school daily, and 30,000 buses across the country drive regular routes and provide regular services. It is not surprising that bus accidents happen every day.

However, in many ways, buses can be more dangerous than cars when on the roads. For example, many buses do not have passenger seat belts – something that residents are required to wear by law when traveling in a car or truck. Also, since buses are bigger and heavier than cars and pickups, they can cause more damage when they crash or collide into another vehicle. In addition, since buses are often see heavy and constant use, mechanical problems are more common to appear in buses than in privately-owned vehicles.

All in all, 1,450 people have been killed in school bus related accidents since 1990, and about 11,000 school children are injured each year in school bus accidents. Since school buses and city buses stop frequently and sometimes suddenly, they are especially prone to rear-end collisions.