Construction Zone Accidents and Liability

There is no getting around road construction zones – literally – and these areas can be quite hazardous to both the workers who are doing the work and commuters and passersby who need to travel through these areas. According to national statistics, there are approximately 90,000 road construction zone accidents that occur each year. About 500 of these crashes result in at least one death. The danger is for both workers and commuters, with approximately 20,000 workers injured each year, and 37,000 drivers injured as a result of these accidents.

When a road construction zone accident results in injuries, then it needs to be determined who the at-fault – and liable – the party is. A Virginia car accident attorney can help victims of construction zone accidents get the compensation they deserve.

Driving in a Construction Zone

To reduce the dangers work zones present, a separate set of driving rules applies to vehicles moving through these areas, with speed reductions and cautious driving being the most important restraints drivers are expected to follow. Violators are subject to additional fines if caught. Finally, being cognizant of lane shifts, and giving road workers as much room as possible, are other precautions advised by the Virginia Department of Transportation for better safety.

Driver Fault

One of the most common causes of vehicle crashes is distracted driving which is one of the most prevalent factors in road zone accidents. When this occurs, the driver is legally liable for any losses of any victims in the accidents. Whether the victims were other commuters or workers, the driver who caused the crash can be held responsible and liable for all victim losses.

Worker Fault

Road construction zones are required to adhere to government regulations, federal, state, county, or municipal, depending on the location and jurisdiction of where the work is being done. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of all those who are working or passing through the site. Some of these regulations include:

  • Making sure that there is more than enough warning for commuters of upcoming road construction zone using easily visible and easily seen signals and signs.
  • Marking all uneven payment areas.
  • Provide any needed extra precautions for motorcycles that are at greater risk in many of these areas
  • Leaving the road construction site hazard-free and drivable when the work is done.

When the fault of the accident is due to the part of the workers or organization doing the work, the case can become very complex because of the different rules when a victim sues a government entity. This is why it is crucial to speak with a Virginia personal injury attorney.

Speak to a Virginia Car Accident Attorney

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