Dealing with the Aftermath of a Virginia Pedestrian Accident

Sharing our roads with pedestrians is not something new, in fact, more and more people are choosing walking and other modes of transportation over the cost and environmental impact of driving. In large urban areas, pedestrians are a mainstay. Unfortunately, the incidences of people being struck by vehicles continue. In today’s current climate, cell phones, infotainment systems, and other personal electronic devices are well-documented as one of the most common – and dangerous – forms of distracted driving. These devices, as well as driving, impairment due to alcohol or drugs, inattention, and inexperience behind the wheel, are all contributing factors to the increase in the number of personal injuries and death in pedestrian accidents.

Negligence: Care, Cause, and Loss

In many crashes, it is the driver’s negligence that contributes to injury or death of a pedestrian. Negligence essentially means that the driver should have exercised reasonable care behind the wheel. If the driver is found liable for the accident, Virginia law says they can be required to compensate the victim for medical costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other losses.

An accident victim must be able to prove a causal connection between the driver’s actions and their own injuries, as well as the losses the injuries have caused them. An experienced personal injury attorney will evaluate your case and guide you through what types of documentation and evidence are required to boost the merits of your case.

Life-Changing Injuries

Some of the most common scenarios in which pedestrians are injured or killed in pedestrian accidents occur include:

  • Failure to ‘yield’ or commit some other sign/signal violation
  • Are intoxicated, impaired, or distracted
  • Use excessive speed
  • Operate their vehicles recklessly
  • Have reduced visibility during nighttime hours

The most frequent injuries to pedestrians include lacerations, broken limbs, skull, chest, and abdominal injuries, but brain, spinal injury, and limb loss are also prevalent. These are serious injuries and the medical costs associated with treating them are extremely high. Filing a timely claim and having an experienced attorney on your side can help make your recovery more manageable.

Efforts to Promote Pedestrian Safety

Special attention has been focused on the safety of the most vulnerable pedestrians – children. Vehicles turning into the path of a child happen all too often. Youngsters hidden from view by trucks or near school buses as they enter or exit and cars moving in driveways are areas where people need to be vigilant.

Many pedestrian safety campaigns are also especially aimed at seniors, who tend to suffer more severe injuries and have longer recovery times.

Call a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney for Legal Assistance

A dedicated personal injury law firm understands that for victims, resuming their normal lifestyle and undertaking their everyday duties is paramount. When the victim of the accident has died, their loved ones are left searching for answers and legal remedies.

The attorneys at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp have successfully litigated numerous cases and recovered settlements for victims and their families over the past 30+ years, like the $545,000 settlement we negotiated for two clients who both suffered leg fractures when they were struck by a car while using a crosswalk. However, we will not hesitate to pursue litigation if the insurance company fails to negotiate in good faith.

Call our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated Virginia pedestrian accident attorneys and find out how we can help.