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One of the most common arguments used by railroad defense lawyers for CSX, Norfolk Southern, etc. is that railroad workers who have already retired or left the railroad many years ago are either (a) simply seeking to cash in on a cancer claim or (b) since it’s been so long, they probably got mesothelioma by exposure elsewhere. Both arguments are pretty ridiculous.

The fact is that most railroad workers do not develop mesothelioma suddenly after being exposed to asbestos. The “latency period” (delay time) from exposure to mesothelioma cancer can be as long as 30-60 years. The toxic danger is horrendous since even minor exposure can lead to this terminal cancer. Unfortunately, the development of mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure is innocuous. The toxic fibers get lodged in your lungs and can remain there for years, slowly developing into the deadly cancer.

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Studies have shown that mesothelioma has usually progressed to a later stage in the disease before people notice any significant symptoms, especially symptoms that would signal to the worker that they needed to see the doctor. Furthermore, the typical symptoms could be associated to a myriad of illnesses. For example,  the most common initial symptoms of the disease are shortness of breath and chest pain.

As the cancer progresses, other symptoms that can develop include increased shortness of breath, sudden weight loss, decreased appetite, night sweats, sudden voice change caused by local invasion of the tumor, and a loss of diaphragm function.

If you or a loved one suffered these symptoms, were diagnosed with mesothelioma, and suspect this deadly cancer was caused by asbestos exposure, do not hesitate in taking action against the railroad. It is understandably intimidating to think about taking on a big railroad, but it is important not only for you and your loved ones, but also for other railroaders who have been, or will be, struggling with this life-threatening cancer. The more railroad workers who take action, the more likely a significant spotlight will be placed on asbestos-related mesothelioma.

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