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Commercial trucking insurance companies have a singular mission when one of their big rigs is involved in a serious accident – reduce or deny the victim’s injury claim. The adjusters who work for the trucking company are not your friend and you should be extremely skeptical if any adjuster tells you that speaking to a truck accident injury attorney is not necessary. This is bad advice meant to ensure you do not get a sizable settlement or recovery from your claim. Deciding not to have a Newport News truck accident lawyer look out for your best interests only serves the interests of the trucking insurance company, not yours, especially if you are seriously hurt. 

If you are in an accident involving a commercial tractor trailer on, let’s say, Interstate 664 (I-664), Interstate 64 (I-64), Route 101, or Jefferson Avenue you’re likely to see the insurance company’s tricks and tactics.

A common tactic is for the adjuster to give you a call and offer to cover your medical expenses. Why? Because on the surface, it sounds like an ok deal. You get out from under the burden of repaying potentially thousands of dollars of medical bills. However, in order to get those expenses covered, you have to sign a liability release form. This form stipulates that you get the money for your medical expenses, but you can never file a claim against the company for any permanent or chronic conditions that arise from the wreck, any lost wages, and any decrease in your quality of life.  

This is why you should contact a Newport News truck accident injury lawyer right away. Let us take the burden of dealing with these claims adjusters off your shoulders so you can focus on recuperating from your injury. Our truck wreck attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience and we exclusively handle personal injury cases. This means we deal with insurance claims adjusters on a daily basis and are prepared when they try to use their usual tricks and tactics.

Our Newport News injury law firm possesses a track record of securing sizable settlements and jury verdicts in truck accident injury cases. See some examples below:

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