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When a person is involved in a car accident, it can be difficult to remain focused, especially if you have suffered any injuries in the crash. The experience can leave a victim reeling and feeling emotionally shaky for days and even weeks later. But if you are physically able, it is best to try to remain as calm as possible in order to take the immediate steps needed to pursue financial compensation for the damages the accident causes them. If a victim is too injured to take these steps, then they should contact a Virginia accident attorney immediately who can make arrangements to gather any available evidence right away.




One of the most critical types of evidence a victim can use in their car accident claim is photos. Videos are also important. With today’s cell phone technology, as well as how the majority of drivers own cell phones, the majority of accident victims have a camera and video recorder on them at all times. This visual evidence is often very compelling to a victim’s case because it provides a complete “picture” of the accident scene, the damages to vehicles, damage to property, injuries victims have suffered, road conditions, traffic lights, and more. It is nearly impossible to dispute a photograph of damages caused by a negligent driver.

It is best to take as many photos as you can. It is better to have too many photos than not enough. Another consideration is that we are no longer required to pay to have photos developed like years ago, so there is no cost to take dozens of photos and/or videos to be stored on your phone. Another benefit to taking lots of photographs is that you may capture something in a photo that your attorney can use to help prove your case.

Some of the items you should try to capture in your photos and videos include:

  • All damage to the vehicle
  • All damaged objects, including trees, utility poles, street signs
  • All the people who are at the scene of the crash
  • All vehicles involved in the crash
  • Any onlookers and witnesses at the scene
  • Any vehicles at the scene that belong to witnesses, vehicles that are parked in the area, or that stopped after the crash
  • Businesses in the area
  • Crash debris
  • Inside of all vehicles involved in the crash
  • Potholes
  • Road conditions
  • Road debris
  • Skid marks
  • Street signs and traffic lights
  • Weather conditions

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