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A Simple Accident Can Lead to a Serious Injury

Over one million people suffer serious injuries from falls in the U.S. Some of these injuries are sustained at a grocery store, coffee shop, or other business where the floor is wet and you endure a slip-and-fall injury. If this has happened to you, please give our firm a call. We guarantee you that if we accept your case we will work tirelessly on your behalf. Our number is (833) 997-1774.

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Richmond, Virginia (VA) Native Has Serious Injury to Knee After a Fall on Algae Covered Sidewalk

It is often difficult for some to keep their balance simply walking down the street, especially the elderly. Now imagine that you had to do the same on a slick surface without falling. Sadly, many people experience a slip and/or fall on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some slip and fall events can result in serious injury and pain, particularly for older seniors who may be more susceptible to major fractures of hips and other bones.

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