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If you are injured in a car accident caused by another driver, Virginia law allows you to pursue financial compensation for the losses your injuries have caused. Virginia law also requires drivers to carry automobile liability insurance for just these situations.

Unfortunately, as many car accident victims can attest, dealing with an insurance company as a victim can be frustrating and overwhelming as the company does everything it can to avoid paying the amount the victim is entitled to. It is important to remember that insurance companies are in the business to make money and any funds they are forced to pay out in injury claims cuts into their profits. Claims adjusters are actually trained to manipulate victims in getting them to make statements that will allow them to reduce the amount of your settlement or deny your claim completely.


This is why every victim of a car accident should consult with a Virginia car accident attorney. At Shapiro & Appleton, our legal team has been advocating for victims and dealing with insurance companies for more than three decades. We know exactly the games that insurance companies play with victims, instead of paying them the full value of their claim. Some of the more common tactics companies employ include the following:

  • If there was a delay in the victim’s seeking medical attention following the accident, the insurance company may question the validity of the injury. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for symptoms of a car accident injury to not appear for a few days after an accident. This is why even if a victim does not think they have been injured in a crash, they should still visit a medical professional immediately following a crash.
  • In order to be successful in a car accident claim, a victim must have evidence that proves that the other driver was at fault. Failure to provide police reports, witnesses statements, etc., can give the insurance company ammunition to deny the claim because the victim did not prove the other driver (the insurance company’s client) caused the accident.
  • The insurance company will conduct its own investigation to determine why the crash occurred. The company may determine that the victim is at fault and then deny their claim.
  • All medical documentation – testing, treatment, bills – should be provided to the insurance company in order to prove the extent of the victim’s injuries. Insurance companies often try to downplay the seriousness of an injury or claim that the victim already had the condition before the crash occurred.
  • Claims adjusters will try to get the victim to agree to an interview that is recorded. The adjuster will often ask leading questions as a way to try to get the victim to say something the company can use later to deny the claim.
  • When an insurance company is unable to deny the claim using any of the above tactics, they may try to offer a settlement which is lower than the victim’s condition warrants. The adjuster will often try to pressure the victim into accepting the offer, often creating false caveats, such as there being a fake deadline the victim must accept the offer by.

These are just some of the tactics insurance companies used and is why all car accident victims should contact a Virginia car accident attorney if they have been injured. Even victims who are aware of what the company may try should have an attorney advocating for them with the insurance company. And a victim should never agree to speak with an adjustor without the advice of an attorney.

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