Virginia Injury Attorney: Logging Truck Accidents & Dangers | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

In March, a Powhatan County logging truck accident on U.S. 60 left three people dead and involved four other commercial trucks. During the crash, the cab of the truck ran off of the road, overturned, and caught on fire, while the truck’s load of logs spilled on to the road where they were struck by two oncoming vehicles.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only Virginia logging truck accident to take place in recent years; in fact, logging trucks are associated with a number of hazards that could cause accidents, injuries, and deaths:

  • Trucks on rural roads. Unlike most other commercial trucks and big rigs, logging trucks must drive through rural and mountainous areas to get to their loads. This means that drivers are often on very narrow two-lane highways, curvy roads, and steep roads. It is much easier for logging trucks to cross into oncoming traffic or run off of the road. 
  • Trucks at high elevations. Trees, and therefore logs, are often located at high altitudes and in mountainous areas. This means that roads are more likely to see snowy or icy conditions and are more likely to have steep grades. Logging trucks often have to deal with poor weather conditions and runaway truck situations. 
  • Trucks carrying hazardous loads. If a truck’s logs are not properly secured, or if the truck suffers a serious collision, logs can tumble from the trailer in a cascade. These extremely heavy objects can cause severe damage to anything in their path – and can roll for dozens of yards. All too often, a logging truck accident will lead to chain-reaction crashes in which vehicles approaching the wreckage slam into logs.

If you live in an area near logging sites, you know all too well the white-knuckled feeling you get when passing a logging truck on a narrow road or mountain pass. Understand that if you are involved in a crash with a logging truck that is not your fault, the trucker or the trucking company could owe you compensation. Talking to aVirginia injury attorney about your logging truck accident can help you understand what exactly caused your truck accident and what exactly you can do legally to receive damages. Call Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan today for more information or to schedule an appointment.