Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Client Testimonials | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

What are these client testimonials we have posted elsewhere on our website?

A testimonial is a referral or recommendation from a past client who used our services for a personal injury case. The advantage of listening to what our prior clients have to say is that you can get a sense from real people like yourself what they think about the quality of representation they received from our Virginia car accident injury lawyers.  

Client testimonials are done by people who have put their trust in the Virginia personal injury lawyers at this firm and are providing their perspectives on the way they were treated during their injury case. All lawyers are required to look after the best interests of their clients, but what is also important is whether the client really felt that the lawyer was doing the best job possible.  

Satisfied clients are usually happy with both the money they got as the end result and with the way we treated during the process. Were they listened to? Were they treated with courtesy and respect? The clients who have shared their testimonils say “yes.”

That kind of customer service is what distinguishes personal injury attorneys who provide the best possible experience for clients during what is typically one of the hardest times in those clients’ lives from merely adequate lawyers and law firms.

I invite you to look for yourself at what some of our past clients have said and to think about whether we may be able to help you in your time of need in a way that will leave you feeling taken care of. Here’s an example of a client talking about her experience with our Virginia injury law firm:


In addition to trying to get you the most compensation we can given the facts of your case, we also hope to have you join the ranks of our happy clients.