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In the spring of 2011, a rainstorm swept across Virginia, dropping one to three inches of water on much of the state. Traffic accidents caused by the rain were reported in various areas, but all of the most serious crashes involved commercial tractor-trailers.

In one such Virginia truck accident, 62-year-old Delores Freeman-Jordan was driving on I-95 in Fredericksburg with five-year-old Eula Lunsford Thomas when the rain started coming down hard. Driving in the center lane, she slowed her car due to the weather. However, an approaching tractor-trailer did not realize that the car in front of him had slowed for rain. He slammed on his brakes but could not stop in time. The car was rear-ended, leaving the child with serious injuries. The truck’s driver was charged with reckless driving.

Rain and commercial trucks don’t mix

Unfortunately, rain-related truck accident stories like the one above happen all too often in Virginia. Rain makes driving dangerous for everyone – but rain can be especially deadly when you are sharing the road with tractor-trailers.

Why are commercial trucks a danger in the rain?

•    Rain lowers visibility. As in the accident above, rain can make it more difficult for truckers to see slowing traffic – and for you to see oncoming trucks.
•    Rain makes it harder for trucks to stop. Because of their size and weight, trucks already have a tough time braking or coming to a stop. In rain, commercial trucks may need hundreds of yards to come to a complete stop.
•    Rain sometimes comes with wind. A storm that has wind and rain is especially dangerous, as trucks can be blown off of the road, or wind can cause trucks to lose control of their rigs.
•    Some truckers don’t slow down in rain. Even though it is raining, truckers still have deadlines to meet and are on the job. Because of this, some truckers will drive too fast for conditions – a decision that can lead to serious accidents.

Virginia Beach truck accident attorneys

Even if rainy weather was one of the causes of your Virginia truck accident and injury, the truck driver or trucking company may still owe you compensation (for example, if the truck was driving too fast for conditions or driving recklessly). For a free case evaluation, call our VA personal injury attorneys at (833) 997-1774.