Virginia Truck Crash Lawyer: Big Rigs & Snow Don’t Mix | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Over Presidents’ Day weekend, the first significant snowstorm of the season swept across Virginia and much of the south. Parts of the state saw up to nine inches of snow, and Virginia State Police responded to over 700 traffic accidents. In one of the worst accidents of the storm, a truck lost control and crashed on I-64 outside of Richmond.

It’s no secret that commercial trucks like tractor-trailers can be a dangerous addition to our state’s highways and interstates. In bad weather, icy roads, and snowy conditions, this is even truer. What makes big rigs so dangerous in the snow?

  • Even slower stopping times. Trucks can take the length of a football field or more to come to a complete stop when traveling at high speeds on a highway or interstate. In icy or snowy conditions, they need even more room to slow down or stop. 
  • Increased chances of jackknifing. Since big rigs consist of a cab and a trailer, one half of the vehicle might slip on slick pavement while the other half does not. This could cause the trucker to lose control of his or her vehicle – and for jackknifing to occur. 
  • Poor decisions to stay on the road. Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean truckers can miss deadlines or stop working. Many truckers will continue to drive in the snow even though it is unsafe because they want to deliver their cargo on time. Others will drive faster than is safe for the conditions in order to reach their destination. Both choices can end in truck wrecks, injuries, and fatalities.

Have you been injured in a Virginia truck accident involving poor weather conditions? While some of these big rig accidents are likely due to the snowy weather and slippery road conditions, other accidents may have also involved a speeding trucker, a reckless trucker, or a poorly maintained truck. If you would like to seek compensation for your accident and injury, the Virginia truck crash lawyers at Shapiro & Appleton& Lewis can help you learn about your case. Call today and get your questions answered.