Virginia (VA) Car Accident Client Testimonial | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

testimonial from VA car accident injury clientBelow is a testimonial from one of our car accident injury clients.  To read more reviews from out clients, please click here.

“I was really happy with the work that John C. did on my auto accident case. We went to mediation and got the case resolved for a good amount which will let me do things to help my financial future like buying a house.  During the entire process John kept me and my family informed about what to expect and what I needed to do.  I am really glad not to have to go to trial and think that the reason we got such a good outcome was in part because of my lawyer’s hard work in getting ready for mediation and forcing the insurance company to be fair.

The way I selected John C. as my injury lawyer was that my Dad who used to work for the railroad knew him and his firm.  In fact, my Dad had recommended various people to that law firm including some very severe accident cases.  When the lady ran into my work truck not far from our home in Hanover County, Virginia, my mother and father were there at the scene and saw me all banged up and unconscious. I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital and had to use a walker and crutches to get around because of broken bones in my hip and back for several months.  One thing that I liked is that the attorney spent enough time with me and my family talking about the injury and making sure that I knew my legal options. There were a lot of different issues that the lawyer knew how to manage having to do with the underinsured motorists coverage, worker’s compensation insurance, and dealing with paying the big medical bills that I had from the hospital and the doctors.  I really felt like John C. was looking out for my best interests in the lawsuit.”-Kevin

Attorney: John C.
Case: Hanover County, Virginia (VA) Car Accident Injury