North Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorneys: What Is The Role Of A North Carolina Medical Expert Witness? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Best NC medical malpractice attorneysAn important part of any North Carolina medical malpractice trial is a knowledgeable, articulate medical expert witness. But what is a medical expert and why are they important to successfully winning your medical malpractice lawsuit?

Medical expert witnesses are traditionally used by both the prosecution and the defense in a medical malpractice cases. Their job is to use their expertise to examine the evidence of the case at hand and then explain their professional opinion to the jury in a way that they can understand what happened and why it happened. Medical experts often use illustrations, diagrams, and other demonstrations in order to help the jury better understand the scientific particular of the case and how the evidence leads to certain conclusions.

In addition, medical experts are more likely to accurately determine whether another medical professional acted within reason or whether they were negligent or grossly negligent. For example, if a doctor is on trial for missing a cancer diagnosis, a medical expert witness may be able to give his opinion on whether or not a doctor should have successfully diagnosed the patient or whether the diagnosis would have been difficult for even the best doctors to determine.

Because most regular people don’t have a deep understanding of common medical conditions and medical errors, expert testimony by a physician who can explain these complex issues in a way that everyone can understand. 

An expert witness should have a current, unrestricted medical license and should have a background, clinical experience, and training relevant to the medical malpractice case at hand.