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Many clients residing in Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) visit our office and tell us stories of claims adjusters making bold declarations about how their claim is worthless, or that trying to get compensated for lost wages is ridiculous. Some insurance claims adjusters don’t even talk with you; they simply fail to return your phone calls in the hopes that you’ll give up and not speak to a lawyer.

Why Contacting a Williamsburg Car Accident Lawyer is Important

Someone who has been seriously hurt in a car wreck that was due to the carelessness of another driver on Jamestown Road, York Street, Richmond Road, I-64, or any other street in Williamsburg has a right to pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our Williamsburg personal injury attorneys can also attempt to pursue “punitive damages” if it turns out the at-

fault driver was drunk, speeding, distracted by texting or talking on their cell phone, or they violated the law in another way.

A common accident scenario in Williamsburg is someone getting hit by a lost or confused driver. Why? Because Williamsburg is home to the popular historical attraction – Colonial Williamsburg. There is also the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, the Yorktown Waterfront, and the Virginia Living Museum. Some drivers who are not familiar with the area may get lost and freeze up while on Interstate 64, Route 17 or another road.

If you are hit by one of these drivers, speaking to a Williamsburg car accident lawyer makes sense considering we understand VA law and the car wreck claims process. We can also help with your property damage claim if your car is totaled or needs to be in the shop for a number of days.

Some people may believe they can handle the injury claims process themselves and not speak to a lawyer. This could be a big mistake since claims adjusters routinely take advantage of people who do not retain legal counsel. Some claims adjusters, if they’re feeling generous, may offer to cover your medical expenses. However, in order to get that coverage, you have to sign a document preventing you from ever filing a claim against them (i.e. the liability release form). 

The best strategy for you and your loved ones is to speak with a Williamsburg car accident attorney during a free, confidential consultation so you can discuss your legal options and see if it worth your while to pursue an injury claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If your injuries are very minor, like bruising, it may not be worth your time. 

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