VA Railroad Injury Attorneys: Norfolk Southern Train accident in South Norfolk, VA Kills Pedestrian. | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

One Sunday afternoon a woman was killed when she was struck by a Norfolk Southern freight train.  The Chesapeake Police Department reports that the woman was attempting to cross the tracks when she was hit.  The crash happenned around 5:45 P.M. on Sunday.  Despite horns and cross arms, the woman attempted to cross the intersection and was struck by the train.  She died in the hospital. 

According to the FRA, The Federal Railroad Administration, Norfolk Southern has been involved in 682 accidents/incidents since January, 2008.  Of those 682, 65 involved fatalities.  Railroads would like you to believe that each and every accident that occurs is not their fault, but instead the fault of the motorist or pedestrian struck by a train. How realistic is that?  Not very. 

Personal injuries and deaths occur at public railroad crossing frequently, and many different federal regulations specify the duties and responsibilities of railroad crews and the warnings that must be provided by a railroad to cars or trucks crossing railroad tracks.