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best wrongful death lawyer in north carolinaAs North Carolina wrongful death attorneys we understand that no amount of money can undo the damage done when a loved one is killed in a preventable accident. Whatever lawsuits are filed, and whatever compensation is recovered, doesn’t begin to bring back your family member or undo the carelessness, recklessness or negligence that led to the incident. However, it is important to remember that the loss of a close family member, such as a spouse, parent, or child, can be financially damaging. In addition, it is important to make certain that the person, company, or entity who is responsible for the death pays for what they did and prevents similar accidents from occurring in the future.

So, if it is impossible to put a price on the loss of a human life, how do wrongful death attorneys determine the damages in wrongful death lawsuits? A lawyer can help you determine an appropriate amount by adding together the compensatory damages and the punitive damages. Here are a few examples of the types of damages that a family might recover in a wrongful death settlement:

  • Funeral expenses and burial costs

  • Medical expenses and hospital bills

  • Loss of companionship and loss of care

  • Pain and suffering and mental anguish

  • Loss of future wages

  • Loss of pension plans and loss of inheritance

  • Loss of childcare and housekeeping

  • Loss of medical coverage

  • Punitive damages

Many considerations go into the amount of a wrongful death settlement, including how much the person earned in the past, what their physical health was like at the time of their death, and even how the person spent their money — for example, whether they gambled or saved their money. Punitive damages, a payment made to punish the responsible party for their negligence or reckless behavior, is a more difficult number to arrive at and is capped in many states.




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How much has the loss of a loved one affected your family, your life and your finances? Talk to a Carolina wrongful death attorney to find out if you have a case and deserve compensation.