If you are working for a railroad and in need of legal representation, or just simple advice, I urge you to call this law firm.

I sustained, what turned out to be, a career-ending back injury in 2007. I suffered this injury while working as a railroad police officer. I discovered how difficult it was to find an attorney who was even remotely familiar with railroad policy and procedure.

After several months of searching, which included two attorneys who said they were familiar with the railroad but were not (having commuter train tracks that run past your back yard does not constitute familiarity), I finally found and contacted Attorney Randall E. Appleton from the Shapiro, Appleton & Washburnfirm. Not only was Mr. Appleton very knowledgeable about railroad policy and procedure, but also past and present case law as it pertained to my case. He happens to also be a very decent and patient human being.

After a four year legal process, Mr. Appleton was able to push the railroad towards a settlement.

 If you are working for a railroad and in need of legal representation or just simple advice, I urge you to call the Shapiro, Appleton & Washburnlaw firm. Their attorneys are not only capable and responsive, but also very patient and respectful.

If you are lucky, Mr. Appleton may be available to handle your case. And as a bonus, he comes with an equally pleasant and capable assistant by the name of Becky as well. As a now-retired police officer, one thing that I absolutely cannot stand is someone who does not shoot straight or speak the truth.

Mr. Appleton is a straight-shooter. He will always tell you the truth as it pertains to your particular case, good or bad, always in a pleasant tone, and always with that classic southern drawl that will remind you of the generous hospitality that the south is known for. He is a true gentleman.