Rail Safety Legislation Passes Both House & Senate– First Major Rail Safety Legislation Since 1974

My partner, Rick Shapiro, has posted an article relating to the railroad safety legislation passed by Congress in early October 2008, which is expected to be signed by President Bush this year.  Amazingly, there has not been a major rail safety legislation enactment since 1994. Several of the highlights of the railroad safety legislation are…

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Railroad Accidents/FELA/Railroad Crossings-Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss applicable law at railroad crossings

My colleague, personal inury lawyer Rick Shapiro posted an article about railroad accidents, especially railroad crossing injuries and wrongful deaths.  Our law firm has handled dozen and dozens of such cases involving railroad crew, car drivers, truck drivers, engineers and conductors.  Please read the entire article to get a feel for some of the issues…

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Railroad Workers Have Rights to settle with, or sue, their Employers, Unlike Most US Workers

Did you know that the nation’s railroad workers are not covered by worker’s compensation, but instead can settle with, or sue their employers for injuries or diseases that are occupational?  Railroad workers fall under a special federal law enacted in the early 1900’s called the Federal Employers Liability Act which is vastly different than workers…

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