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“Slow Poke” Bill to Fine Slow Drivers

We’ve all been there - the left lane to be exact. Stuck behind a driver who is going five under the speed limit while the middle lane flows unobstructed.  States throughout the country are cracking down on drivers who poke along in the left-hand lane. They're imposing new laws, strengthening existing laws, or stepping up enforcement of laws that penalize those who drive too slowly in the left lane, or who tool along in the left lane.

Last year, Florida (FL) enacted a law that penalizes drivers for going 10 mph or more below the speed limit in the left lane and that don’t get out of the way for vehicles going the speed limit. You can wind up with a $60 fine and three points on your driver's license.  So, what is the reasoning behind this law?  The intent is to keep traffic flowing and limit road rage.  Slowpokes in the left lane might prompt impatient drivers to tailgate or pass on the right.  Even if your state does not have a “slowpoke” law on the books, it’s still a good idea for slower traffic to keep right. 

If you are injured in a North Carolina (NC) car accident either from an impatient driver trying to change lanes or any other reason it’s important to know your rights.  A car accident only lasts seconds but the impact of the injuries can last forever.  For example, one of our clients was wheelchair-bound after an accident where the at-fault driver attempted to enter a 45 mph highway.  The at-fault driver failed to yield the right of way to our client. Many people do not realize they will not be able to work after a serious accident.  One of the things that our North Carolina personal injury lawyers consider when evaluating car accident injuries are vocational assessments.  These can basically determine how much money a person would have probably made based on what they earned prior to an accident and how many years they could have reasonably worked. This is important so that you receive fair compensation for your injury and can continue to support yourself and your family.


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