Our firm is representing the estate of a 15-year-old boy who had his life taken far too soon. ABC 13 News reported on the case recently.

His name was Donnie Crotty and he attended T.C. Roberson High School in Buncombe County, North Carolina (NC). Buncombe is located in Asheville, NC. Donnie was bright, charismatic and active in extracurricular activities. The ABC 13 News report described him as a “rising football star.” Unfortunately, the football field is where his life came to an abrupt end.

Donnie was on the high school football field when he was run over by an ATV “gator” being operated by another high school student. Donnie suffered a traumatic brain injury, lapsed into a coma and eventually passed on due to the severity of his injuries.

He had his entire life ahead of him and it was extinguished in an instant.

Reports indicate that the student operating the ATV did so around numerous students and there appears to have been no training on safe speeds for operating these vehicles in the vicinity of any other players or pedestrians.   

Having a proper understanding of how to operate a motorized ATV is important since these vehicles are potentially dangerous, especially when operated in an area filled with pedestrians. This type of ATV can travel up to 30 miles per hour, if not faster depending on the brand and the make. As this terrible accident indicates, if the ATV is operated improperly, the consequences can be devastating.

After Donnie lost his life, the Buncombe County Board of Education instituted a policy disallowing students from operating motorized ATVs on school property. This is a strong indication that the events that took place on the football field of T.C. Roberson High School were potentially avoidable and there should have been a safety policy before the accident.

Our firm is proud to be representing the family of Donnie Crotty and hope to achieve some semblance of justice for his mother and other loved ones.