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Birth Injury Resulting in Cerebral Palsy Results in $103M Malpractice Award

A teenager in Staten Island, New York (NY), who suffers disabling cerebral palsy blamed on a birth injury has succeeded in holding the medical facility where she was harmed accountable. reported on August 25, 2012, that the girl and her family first filed suit against Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers in 2004, when she was 9 years old. The basis of her claim was that doctors at a hospital owned by the company misdiagnosed and mistreated signs and symptoms early or false labor. Those doctors' mistakes, the claim stated, caused those girl to be both deprived of oxygen in the womb and delivered prematurely.

A jury deliberated for three days before awarding $103 in damages. A large amount of the money will be deferred to cover the lifetime of medical and personal care the wheelchair-bound girl will need.


The Virginia Birth Injury Lawyer's Perspective

As a birth injury and medical malpractice attorney based in Virginia (VA), I know that few things make lives for children and families harder than a mistake or surgical error during pregnancy and delivery. Parents face almost impossible tasks in caring for children who start with injuries and disabilities from their very first day of life.

The company ordered to compensate the teen and her family in New York has pledged to appeal the jury's decision. I understand that from a business perspective, but I can't accept it as someone who has seen the devastation of a birth injury.

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