What Happened: According to wric.com, a car accident on the Dulles Greenway in Ashburn, Virginia resulted in two drivers being taken to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries. The crash occurred after the driver of a BMW crossed the highway into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with a Mercedes and a Dodge. The accident shut down traffic for two hours; at the time of this posting, police were investigating the crash, and mentioned that there was heavy rain in the area at the time.

Car accidents on highways are all-too-common occurrences; the combination of speed and potentially-dangerous conditions such as heavy rain can result in terrible wrecks that severely injure drivers and passengers. Last month in Virginia, there was a terrible wreck involving nearly one hundred cars due to adverse weather conditions and dangerous roads; three people died and twenty-five others were injured. While not many accidents approach the size and scope of this one, they can still effect terrible changes on victims’ lives, from serious injuries to high medical bills and loss of job options due to the harm suffered.

It’s not clear at this time just what caused the accident on the Dulles Greenway; the rain may have been a factor. It also could have been that the driver of the BMW was operating his vehicle negligently—driving under the influence or while texting, for instance. The facts will become clearer as the police investigation proceeds, but it may be that the injured drivers have grounds to file personal injury claims against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Because car wrecks can be devastating, particularly on highways in Virginia, which were ranked as notably unsafe by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney; he or she will be able to help you figure out to what compensation you are entitled for your medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and other factors. An injury lawyer will be familiar with the laws and regulations that govern car accidents and injury claims; it’s important to have knowledge at hand that will be able to assist in your recovering damages.

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