Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means costumes and candy.  It also means millions of children will be out on the streets trick-or-treating.  However, perhaps the scariest aspect of Halloween is that the number of traffic deaths involving young children will increase 4.5 times that evening once the sun goes down.     

Many drivers have difficulty seeing in the dark, and this is an even worse problem when driving at fast speeds where a driver’s stopping distance is greater than what his headlights are actually showing.  It would be wise to wear a bright or reflective Halloween costume and stay in well-let areas as much as possible.  It could also be a lot of fun to accessorize a costume with glow-sticks!  Make sure children are always accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm has given some helpful tips when it comes to walking along and across streets.  It is always important to make sure you know the crosswalk laws and be aware of your surroundings as you stroll through neighborhoods.    

Halloween is a fun experience.  Applying these tips will ensure the fun is not interrupted.