This was almost the case yesterday when on a dare from some friends, a young boy sprinted across a lake near Kempsville's Chatham Hall Park in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA).  His older brother chased after him but the ice broke, plunging the boys into freezing cold water. They had just minutes before hypothermia would set in.

The older brother managed to hoist his sibling back onto the ice. Thankfully, both boys are alright and didn't need any medical attention.  With our regions unseasonable cold temperatures children should be warned of the dangers of ice. 

Ponds on private property need to be fenced in or at the very least display a sign warning of the danger.  If you have older children, insist on the buddy system. Two heads are better than one and if your child falls into the freezing water, he will need someone to help him out or to go get help, recommends The National SAFE KIDS Campaign.  It would be tragic if a child died from a preventable accident.

Currituck County has already issued an advisory to stay off the ice.

"Ice that appears to be thick in one location is often paper thin only a short distance away," according to the advisory issued by the Sheriff's Office and Currituck County government. "Because of the danger to children who may be tempted to play on ice-covered water, parents are asked to warn their children of the hazards of playing or walking on ice. Similar dangers occur with pets."

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