Collision With Amtrak Train on Uncontrolled Tracks in Bealton, VA Kills Car's Driver

A Page County, Virginia (VA), man lost his life in the town of Bealton when the car he was driving was hit by an Amtrak passenger train on the afternoon of Nov. 16, 2012. Police identified the deceased man as James E. Wood and described the scene of the deadly accident as a private uncontrolled crossing.

Specifically, the intersection with the rail bed and Remington Road had two sets of tracks, a stop sign and a railroad crossbuck, but no warning lights,  bells or crossing gates. No one aboard the train headed to Washington, DC, suffered injuries.


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Virginia Train Accident Lawyers' Perspective

Private railroad crossings too often become scenes of crashes between trains, cars and trucks that leave people dead and critically injured. Closer to our main Virginia railroad accident attorney offices, a Suffolk rail crossing much like the one described in Bealton set the stage for an accident in which a tractor-trailer driver was killed.

While drivers have responsibilities for approaching and going over railroad tracks with caution, their safety is best ensured when lights flash, alarms sound and gates lower as a train approaches. Even though installing and maintaining such equipment at private crossings can be expensive and complicated by ownership issues, landholders and rail corporations should strive to do so to lower risks for fatal collisions.

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If you have lost a family member in an accident at a railroad crossing, consider downloading this free report written by wrongful death lawyers so you can begin learning about your legal rights and options for seeking compensation from companies or individuals who may have been negligent in keeping the crossing safe.

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