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Crosswalk Accident Leads to $4.5 Million Settlement

A woman in Seattle was crossing the street in January 2008 when she was hit by a Metro bus mirror. You may be thinking that the woman's injuries couldn't be that bad since she did not endure a direct collision with the bus. However, even being hit by the mirror of a mass transit vehicle caused serious, permanent injuries. This crosswalk accident led to the woman's arm being shattered and a serious brain injury.

The victim was a staff attorney for the state Department of Social and Health Services, according to the Seattle Times. She was forced to leave her job due the injuries she suffered in this accident.

Fortunately, the woman sought legal counsel and reached a $4.5 million settlement. Metro bus officials conceded that the operator was negligent for not seeing the victim in a clearly marked crosswalk. The $4.5 million settlement will go to help pay for the victim's medical expenses and lost wages.

Our firm is glad to see some semblance of justice for the victim. We are familiar with crosswalk accidents and the trauma that can be inflicted on a victim. We represented a client who was walking northbound on the sidewalk of Atlantic Avenue and while crossing 26th Street in the marked crosswalk, he was hit by a car. The impact led to a severe fracture of his right leg. We secured a sizable settlement that helped our client cover his medical expenses and other costs associated with the accident.


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