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Driver who Hit Bicyclist in Sophia, NC Accident Charged

What happened:

The North Carolina Highway Patrol issued a report of a bicyclist was injured at the intersection of Poole and Cedar Square roads in the Archdale/Sophia, N.C. area when the bike collided with a pickup truck.

According to the NC police, Michael Honea, 42, of Greensboro, was riding with another bicyclist, traveling east on Poole Road. A 1999 Ford pickup truck being driven by a 77 year-old Winston-Salem man was following behind the two bicyclists but pulled out to go around them. He then cut in front of the victim in order to drive onto the ramp of the northbound lane of U.S. 311 Bypass.

The report further indicated that the victim hit the back fender of the pickup truck and was transported to High Point Regional Hospital where he was admitted. The driver of the truck was charged with an unsafe movement violation.


The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:   

We’ve reported on numerous accidents were bicyclists become the victims of bike/car accident, too many times fatally. And for bicycle injury victims in Carolina or elsewhere that do survive the trauma of being hit, the long recovery time and lasting effects of the injuries can be devastating.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 618 cyclists were killed and 52,000 injured in crashes with motor vehicles in 2010 alone. 

Hopefully, the bicycle accident victim in this North Carolina accident will make be able to make a full recovery. He should consult with a North Carolina personal injury attorney to find out his rights and what civil personal injury damages he may be entitled to.


Poole and Cedar Square Road intersection, Archdale/Sophia area, N.C.

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