What happened:

A man was sentenced to one year in jail for a four accident hit and run accidents he caused while driving under the influence of alcohol last April. The 20 year old man, who pled guilty to felony evade and elude, felony hit and run, misdemeanor hit and run and misdemeanor DUI first-offense had faced a maximum combined punishment of 17 years prison sentence.

The Daily Press reported that while driving his Dodge pick-up truck westbound on Interstate 64 in Newport News, he struck two cars and then two more cars as he drove into York County. The driver fled each crash and was spotted and chased by a Virginia State Trooper. After pulling the car over, the driver revved the engine, creating a lot of thick, black smoke and speeding off before the officer could get out of his cruiser. The trooper chased the truck for six miles, with speeds hitting 100 miles per hour. Finally, several State Troopers were able to stop the driver and he was arrested.

Although three of the drivers were not seriously injured, the fourth victim suffered four broken ribs, two bruised lungs, a broken sternum, a fractured wrist and a torn rotator cuff.


The Virginia Injury Lawyer Perspective:

Although the driver of the pickup truck was found criminally guilty and is serving a prison sentence, the victims of his drunken hit and run crash spree could still be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering they’ve endured because of injuries from incident. They should consult with a Virginia personal injury attorney to find out what their legal options may be.

Interstate 64, Newport News VA

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