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Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Wilmington, (NC)

What Happened

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of a motorcycle accident around the 3500 block of Carolina Beach Road on February 24, 2013.

According to a Wilmington Police officer he witnessed the motorcycle on Carolina Beach Road and believed it was speeding. He followed the motorcycle but did not pursue it. A short distance down the road the officer arrived at the accident scene where a pickup truck had pulled out in front of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene.

After further investigation the driver that killed the motorcyclist was determined to be drunk, and was charged with drunk driving, driving while intoxicated.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Motorcycles offer no protection to their riders, so it is the job of the rider to remain ever vigilant. However predicting what the driver of a car is going to do is impossible and therein lays the danger. Any accident involving a motorcyclist is always serious, add in a drunk driver and it usually spells disaster. Thousands of fatal motorcycle accidents are reported yearly in the United States. Many of these accidents could have been avoided and lives could have been saved.

Unfortunately, the joys of motorcycle riding are subject to the serious innate risks that go along with such an activity and serious and sometimes fatal accidents occur with disturbing frequency. If a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident doesn’t hesitate to acquire a North Carolina (NC) wrongful death attorney. The amount of time that passes between the accident and speaking with a lawyer can play a large role in a wrongful death claim. It is important to understand what kind of settlement you can expect from a lawsuit of this kind, wrongful death suits can compensate the plaintiffs for a number of different expenses, including funereal costs, medical costs, loss of income, loss of companionship, and pain a and suffering. A previous client was enjoying a ride on a day unlike any other, until out a no where he was hit by car. Our client was lucky he was not killed but the unfortunate accident fractured his pelvic bone and put him on bed rest for three months. Not wasting anytime our client contacted us very quickly and we were able to settle for a sizable claim without going to court.

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If you or a family member has been injured in a traffic accident caused by another person, you can begin learning about your legal rights and options by downloading this free report on filing claims following motorcycle crashes.


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