Five Boaters Hospitalized After Explosion on Western Virginia Lake

Five people were hospitalized after a boat exploded on Smith Mountain Lake. Two of the passengers hurt in the July 24, 2011, accident remained in critical condition at the University of Virginia Medical Center. According to the Virginian-Pilot, the boat exploded just after stopping to refuel at Parkway Marina in Huddleston, Virginia (VA). Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion, but believe a fuel leak was to blame. Thankfully, many good Samaritans rushed to the aid of the victims, pulling them from the water. 

It's hard to imagine anything scarier than an explosion. They're supposed to be the stuff action movies, not weekends on the water. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families; this is surely a scary time for everyone involved.

Fuel leaks are often a concern for older boats and can be one of the deadliest malfunctions a boat can have. Fuel systems should always be checked for potential damage or leaks. Fuel tanks have a limited lifespan, so older boats like the one involved in this incident, a 1980 Chris-Craft cabin cruiser, are especially at risk.

As a Virginia personal injury attorney, I have experience handling cases involving boating injuries. What started as a fun day in the sun for these boaters ended in tragedy. Surely they have many questions about their rights and what they may be entitled to as victims. It can be a very confusing and scary time. Always consider consulting an attorney if you have questions regarding your rights.

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