FL Product Liability Still an Issue for Automakers

A Florida (FL) House panel recently passed a controversial measure that tried to protect automakers in product liability cases.

On Wednesday, February 9th, 2011, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee approved the business-backed bill (HB 201). After two hours of testimony and debate, the subcommittee unanimously approved the bill, but made changes that would hold automakers responsible for damage that resulted from poor design or faulty manufacture.

The original bill, backed by business groups and automakers, wanted to put a portion of the responsibility for crashes onto the drivers involved, even in cases where defective vehicle products were to blame for the accident. In 2001, the state's highest court ruled that driver's condition leading up to the crash was irrelevant when considering how compensation was paid.  

The bill now goes to the House Judiciary Committee for potential approval.

We applaud the wise decision by the FL House Committee to continue holding automakers accountable for the damage inflicted by their products. Regardless of actions taken by drivers, huge companies should pay up when the situation merits it.

Many different factors can go into the cause of an accident, including the influence of defective car parts. If you are injured in a crash, you need to speak to a qualified attorney who can sift through the evidence. Our firm has gotten good outcomes for clients in the past who had cases with defective products. In some instances, we were able to secure more compensation than was originally expected. Since these results can vary, however, it is important to discuss your claim with us so we can advise you what to do.


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