What Happened: According to a story on nbc29.com, a driver behind the wheel of a van crossed the center lane of Route 250 in Fluvanna County and ran into two pickup trucks, sideswiping one and hitting the other head-on.  State police reported that the driver of the van died at the scene of the crash, which occurred near the intersection of 250 and 676, while one of the other drivers, Dimas Ernesto Cornejo-Lobato, was taken to a nearby hospital along with three other passengers to be treated for their injuries. At the time of this posting, state police stated that the crash was still under investigation.

Here is the location of the accident:

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The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective: We know from experience how frightening and traumatic it can be to suffer injuries from a car accident. It’s not clear at this time what caused the accident; we don’t know if the driver had been drinking, or if he was engaged in distracted driving such as text messaging. However, it’s highly possible that the injured drivers and passengers may have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the insurance police of the at-fault driver, once the results of the investigation are released.

Potentially Helpful Info:  The lawyers at our personal injury law firm have published an article explaining the process of filing a personal injury claim; click here to read it. For instance, the article explains the potential compensation to which one is entitled if one has been injured in an accident, such as lost wages.

When filing a claim against an insurance company, you should be aware that they will usually try to get away with paying the least amount possible. Our VA personal injury lawyers have written an article that describes one way insurance companies will attempt to lowball the costs of your personal injury claim; read it by following this link. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer about insurance company claims is also important; a personal injury attorney will be familiar with the various tricks insurance companies use to lower their injury claim payments.

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