According to WBTBV, a suspect in deadly DWI hit and run accident is now out on bond in North Carolina (NC).

On January 27th, 2011, a 31 year-old Charlotte man struck and killed 45 year-old Roy Mittelsteadt of Monroe while driving his Honda element. The victim was riding his bicycle on the way home from work.

Police charged the driver with second-degree murder and DWI. He was released from Union County jail Saturday evening on a $100,500 bond.

The accident occurred on Rocky River Road, near Myers Road, around 11:30 p.m. The victims’ family describes him as a “selfless man who sacrificed for his four kids.”

Our hearts go out to these grieving children who must now face life without their beloved father. We offer our condolences to the other members of his family as well.

If you know that you will be indulging in alcohol one evening, always choose a designated driver who can take you home that night. By failing to do so, the driver in this case took the life of an innocent man-a life that can never be replaced. It is better to not drink at all than to risk an accident that ends up harming or killing someone.

If your family member was killed due to an irresponsible or reckless driver, contact a qualified law firm who can discuss your compensation options. You may be eligible for damages that include the mental anguish and grief that you are now suffering.