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Injured as a Passenger? File a Claim Against the Driver’s Insurance, Not the Driver

In Woodstock, Virginia (VA), two friends were driving when the driver lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a guardrail, and careened down an embankment. Both the driver and passenger were hurt and left in critical condition sfter being airlifted to a hospital.

So what can the passenger do after having been injured in a car accident caused by a friend? What could you do if a family member caused your injuries in a wreck? Even though you are hurt and injured you would feel bad suing a relative, right?

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As Virginia personal injury attorneys, we know that when you are a passenger injured in a car accident you don't have to sue the driver you can instead file a claim against the driver's insurance. They aren't the same thing as filing a claim against a friend, and you can let them know that.

The main thing is that you are able to recover from your injures. While all friendships won't last forever, the pain that you feel if you can't properly recover from a car accident may. 






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