The families of two men diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer after exposure to asbestos received a $17 million verdict from a Pennsylvania (PA) jury. The two men were exposed to asbestos through valves and gaskets from Crane Co. and Garlock Sealing Technologies.

Internal Norfolk Southern, CSX and Conrail documents reveal that many types of asbestos gaskets were used on steam and diesel locomotives supplied by GE, EMD, and GM manufactured engines used by engineers and conductors.

During the trial, a document was admitted which expressly indicated Garlock knew their gaskets could causemesothelioma. It’s so frustrating to hear about these kinds of documents. To know that corporations were aware of the risks associated with asbestos and still allows people to be exposed to this toxic substance is infuriating. This is especially true for railroad workers. Many rail employees have spent their entire careers exposed to asbestos and suffer the consequences in what is supposed to be their golden years of retirement.

Unfortunately, I’m not very surprised. I work at a law firm which has experience handling mesothelioma lawsuits where the cancer was connected to asbestos exposure. The effects this disease has on an individual can be devastating and everyone around them struggles to figure out how to help their friend or loved one.

Here’s a video of a woman trying to cope with her mesothelioma diagnosis…

I am happy the families of these two men were able to receive financial compensation for their pain and suffering. Nevertheless, no amount of money will be able to fully restore the health of these two individuals. They face an uphill battle against this horrendous form of cancer.