The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported a severe trucking accident in which a man attempted to stop a truck, which then hit and ran over him.

The fifty-seven year-old victim managed the campground where the truck was located. He attempted to get the female driver’s attention before the truck accident. He climbed on the running board of the truck and was opening the door when he fell off and was run over. The truck driver then fled the scene, but police were able to determine her whereabouts with the help of several witnesses.  

My heart aches for this man and his family, and I am outraged at the cowardly act of the driver who struck him. Unfortunately, these types of truck wrecks happen all too frequently in Virginia (VA). As a trucking pass-through state with ties to the trucking industry, you or someone you know could be involved in such an accident during your lifetime.

If or when this type of accident happens, you need solid advice and advocacy from experienced attorneys. You may be eligible for compensation not only for injury-related medical bills, but also pain and suffering, punitive damages, and job or wage loss. You may also be able to collect money if you are left with a lifelong disability as a result of the accident.