Two South Carolina moped riders lost their lives in separate crashes that appear to have resulted from drivers’ inattention. The earlier deadly crash happened on Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, and the second occurred at the intersection of Sayre Street and Reed Road in Anderson County, SC.



On the night of November 18, 2016, a car struck a moped from behind on the bridge that spans the Cooper River. Police said the driver of the larger vehicle ran into the back of the slower-moving moped, inflicting blunt force trauma injuries that took the moped rider’s life before emergency medical personnel could respond.

About 12 hours later, in the northwestern corner of the state, just south of the city of Anderson, a pickup truck pulled out in front of a moped. The resulting collision left the moped rider with fatal traumatic brain injuries. Reports on this tragic incident indicated that the deceased rider was not wearing a helmet. South Carolina state laws do not require helmet use for moped riders older than 21. The victim here was 54.

Neither of the surviving drivers was charged within a day of either fatal wreck. Even if no traffic violations or criminal offenses are found, the drivers could still be found responsible for causing the moped riders’ deaths in civil proceedings. A first step for the family members of the moped riders who died in the rear-end collision and in the failure to yield right of way crash would be to file insurance claims on their loved ones’ behalf. A caring and experienced Carolina wrongful attorney could help them navigate that process and protect their rights and interest should going to court become necessary.