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Mother Looking for Leads After Child Is Injured in Hit-and-Run in Charlotte

A mother is seeking justice after her young son was involved in a hit-and-run car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) on the night of June 16, according to Naqonna Blakney and her 3-year-old son were waiting in the median to cross Monroe Road when the child broke free of her hand. He ran into the road and an oncoming Cadillac hit him. The driver allegedly stopped for a moment, but then fled the scene.

Police described the driver as a male who was accompanied by two female passengers, according to The mother of the injured boy is pleading for the at-fault driver to come forward.

Thankfully, the young boy did not lose his life, but he may face weeks or months of recovery. We have seen that often, when a person is hit by a car, the results are serious and sometimes deadly.

This type of accident is made worse when the driver leaves the scene without helping the hurt person. It is inexcusable for a driver who hit a child to flee the scene rather than do the humane thing - stop and assist the child.

By cowardly driving away after hitting the young boy, the at-fault driver created a much worse situation for himself. Police say the driver possibly could have avoided fault had he not left the scene.

Drivers in North Carolina are required by law to stop and remain at the scene when they are involved in an accident. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, they hinder the abilities of the police to collect all the evidence, thus making them appear guilty by default.

Hopefully, the driver will do the right thing and come forward. Blakney and her young son deserve that. North Carolina hit-and-run car accidents are serious and victims should not be left helpless by those who choose to ignore them. If the at-fault driver is apprehended, the mother of the toddler should consult with a NC car accident injury lawyer and consider pursuing punitive damages.   

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