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New Driver Side Mirror Reduces Blind-Spot Accidents

American ingenuity is an amazing thing. As an inventor and Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney, I applaud the mathematics professor who developed a side mirror that all but eliminates blind spots for drivers. Blind spots create huge accident risks, as anyone who has ever tried to merge into a lane only to be startled by a horn blast from an angry driver knows.

How amazing is this invention?  Just look at the photo. You can see that the new mirror curves slightly, increasing the driver's field of view to 45 degrees. A stand, flat side view mirror has a field of only 15-17 degrees.

When should we expect to see the new mirrors, which could potentially reduce the nearly 457,000 car crashes a year that occur because of blind spots? Not soon, unfortunately. Federal automobile safety laws require flat side view mirrors. Maybe its time for an upgrade. The world isn’t flat. Why should our mirrors be?


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