A single-vehicle crash close to Downtown Norfolk, Virginia (VA), left two female passengers dead. A third person riding in the vehicle suffered non-life-threatening injuries that required hospital treatment.

Police and emergency medical personnel received reports of the wreck at around 1:50 am on May 2, 2021. The driver was found uninjured at the scene of the crash in the 4200 block of Granby Street near the intersections with E. 42nd Street and Connecticut Avenue. All three passengers were transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.



According to news reports, the cause of the crash could not be immediately determined. The investigation continued through the following day.

Whatever investigators conclude about why the vehicle crashed, the families of the deceased women and the passenger who survived are likely to have grounds for filing insurance claims. A driver accepts legal responsibility for protecting the lives and ensuring the safety of every person in their car, truck or SUV.

A driver who fails to meet that responsibility can be found liable for providing personal injury and wrongful death compensation when

  • Evidence shows that the driver acted negligently or recklessly,
  • The driver’s negligence or recklessness was a primary cause of a crash,
  • Injuries or deaths resulted directly from the crash, and
  • Economic losses and noneconomic damages followed from the injuries or deaths.

Economic losses include things like medical expenses and missed paychecks. Noneconomic damages are typically referred to as pain and suffering because they include physical pain, emotional distress and mental trauma.

Passengers and their families retain the right to file insurance claims even when an at-fault driver is a close friend or relative. As plaintiff’s attorneys who have practiced in Hampton Roads for more than 30 years, my Virginia Beach-based law firm colleagues and I understand such cases can be difficult for all involved.

We also know that filing claims is often the only way to ensure injured crash victims recover financially as well as physical. For parents, children and siblings who lose loved ones, receiving an insurance settlement or jury award can provide closure while ensuring they do not face monetary difficulties long-term.

A final concern related to this fatal crash in Norfolk is the number of victims who will likely have legitimate claims for compensation. Few drivers carry liability insurance that is sufficient to provide full and just settlements for two deaths and a set of serious injuries.

This is one of the reasons Virginia law requires each auto insurance policy issued in the state to include uninsured and underinsured motorist provisions. These coverages can be invoked when the limits of an at-fault driver’s insurance will be reached before adequate compensation is made. Filing an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim is the equivalent of suing one’s own insurance company, however. This makes partnering with an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney is a good idea.