North Carolina (NC) is home to many wonderful things: some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, the largest Marine Corp air base and the highest waterfall in the eastern United States.  Unfortunately the Tar Heel state is also No.6 in the country for highest rate of truck accidents.

In fact, more than half of the trucks inspected in North Carolina had maintenance or safety violations, according to ABC News. Of those faulty trucks, over 12 percent were in such bad shape that they were immediately parked and put “out of service”.

Those statistics are staggering and the irresponsibility of the drivers and companies alike are incredible.  Things have become so bad that the North Carolina Highway Patrol has stepped in and is cracking down on big rig violators as part of a campaign along Interstate 77.

It’s called Operation Road Watch, and troopers hope to curb accidents involving semi-trucks along the I-77 corridor. In a 48-hour time period, troopers will be checking 18-wheelers for aggressive driving, unsecured loads, and hazmat violations.

Officials say the goal behind the push is to reduce accidents between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles, like the one that happened last week in South Carolina. A fuel truck and a Sedan collided in a deadly crash near exit 88, spawning a fireball that could be seen for miles. 

The truck driver didn’t survive his injuries, and the interstate was shut down for hours.

Endless traffic jams are frustrating.  Temporary injury, permanent injury and even death are life altering and can occur when a commercial vehicle collides with a passenger vehicle.

The power, size and weight of a commercial tractor-trailer make the impact of a truck collision much worse and the chance of serious injury and death much higher. The death rate for truck crashes is 50 percent higher than for car accidents, and many injuries may cause life-long disability and permanent or chronic health problems.

Thank goodness the brave men and women of the North Carolina State Police are takings steps to prevent these accidents before they happen.

However if you already have been injured by a commercial vehicle please contact one of our North Carolina Trucking attorneys as soon as possible.  Our injury law firm specializes in truck accident injury cases and can assist you along every step of the way toward justice. The most important thing is the safety and well being of you and your family.