One Dead in Icy Two-Car Wreck in Stuarts Draft, Virginia

What Happened:

A Dodge Durango was driving over a bridge on VA 608 in Stuarts Draft, and crossed the center line in icy conditions. The truck slammed into a Saturn head on, killing the driver of the second vehicle – Tina Schrenk.

The police stated that it appeared that the icy conditions contributed to the crash. No one was injured in the Durango. Schrenk’s son was in the Saturn as well but was not seriously hurt.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

According to government statistics, bad weather causes about one out of 10 traffic fatalities each year. All of us must remember to slow down when weather conditions are poor, or tragedy can result. Some things that we should remember in icy road conditions include:

·         Allow 3X as much space between you and the car that is in front of you.

·         Brake very gently so you do not skid or slide.

·         Always turn on your lights so that you can increase your visibility.

·         Use lower gears on hills to gain more traction.

·         Be extremely careful on bridges, which will always be the first roadway to freeze.

If are the victim of a traffic accident in bad weather, you should take a great deal of care in choosing the most experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer. Many victims of serious car accidents in bad weather take years to recover from their injuries, and you want to make sure you have a top lawyer who will gain you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 

Helpful Info:

Read our guide about how to drive more safely in icy conditions in Virginia and North Carolina.

Also, read how our expert personal injury lawyers obtained a $130,000 settlement for a neck injury in a car crash.

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