What Happened:

The driver of a Toyota Camry ran off the side of Route 460 and struck and killed a 19-year old male before crashing into a tree in Dinwiddie, Virginia (VA). The teenage male was pronounced dead at the scene, according to WRIC. The driver and two passengers in the vehicle were all flown to VCU Medical Center. The two passengers were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

The exact cause of the crash remains unknown, as of the date of this posting. Was the driver intoxicated? Drowsy? Was there a mechanical issue? We will have to wait and see what the accident report reveals.


The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

If it turns out the driver was negligent and/or reckless in operating the vehicle, the surviving injured passengers and the family of the pedestrian who lost his life should contact a Virginia personal injury lawyer to discuss their legal options.

For the injured passengers, even though it is likely that they knew the driver and may even be friends, they should consider filing a claim since they will be seeking damages from the driver’s insurance policy, not against the driver or their family.

For the pedestrian who lost his life, the family probably has grounds for a wrongful death claim. The insurance company may try to argue that the pedestrian was contributorily negligent for walking on the road late at night. However, the reports indicate that the driver ran off the side of the road and hit the pedestrian which seems to indicate that the pedestrian was not actually on the road.


Have Questions?

FAQs on the personal injury claims and wrongful death claims process in Virginia.


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