Dr. Joseph Kelly, the pilot operating a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza P35, crashed into a tree at 24 Warehouse Creek Lane in Edgewater, Maryland (MD). Dr. Kelly died as a result of this aviation accident. The airplane was a four-seater, but he was the only person in the plane, according to firehouse.com. 

The details of what exactly happened are still unclear. We know the airplane suddenly banked to the right which subsequently led to the plane hitting the trees. The weather conditions were reportedly good, so there may have been a mechanical problem. We’ll have to wait and see what the National Transportation Safety Boards  accident report reveals.

As a licensed pilot who regularly takes to the skies in single-engine airplanes, these types of terrible accidents are always disturbing to hear about, but they remind me of the risks every pilot has to battle while operating a plane. You can be a part-time pilot who enjoys the thrill of a small plane on the weekends or a highly experienced commercial airplane pilot; the risk of engine failure, turbulent winds, or some other mitigating factor can lead to a horrific crash. That doesnt mean the pilot should be held responsible for the accident. If it’s determined a mechanical problem contributed to an airplane crash, the manufacturers of those parts should be held responsible, especially if the pilot took the time to properly upkeep the plane while on the tarmac.

I want to send my deepest condolences out to Dr. Kelly’s friends and family. When anyone loses their life, it’s terrible, but that loss of life is especially difficult to handle when it occurs from a sudden accident.