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Virginia back injury lawyerThere are many kinds of injuries a person can suffer in an auto accident. Some injuries are minor ones that heal within a week or two, such as a sprain, while others can be more severe and require months – if not longer – to heal. A herniated disc is an injury that falls into this category. When a victim suffers a herniated disc injury in a car crash, it can have a serious impact on their lives.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

The spine is made up of small bones called vertebrae. Between each vertebra are small discs which provide cushioning and reduce any stress from impact on the spine from walking, running, and other activity. The discs are tough and thick on the outside and contain a soft, jelly-like material on the inside. When there is a jolt to the disc – such as what happens during the impact of a vehicle hitting another vehicle – it can knock it out of place.


A herniated disc is when there is a tear in the disc, allowing the jelly substance to seep out to the outside. This can cause irritation to the nerves surrounding the area. Over time, the disc can degenerate even further, causing friction and more pain between the vertebrae.

In addition to chronic back pain, symptoms of a herniated disc also include numbing, tingling, and weakness in the victim’s limbs. There can also be pain in the neck, as well as bladder and bowel dysfunction. In some cases, there is a progressive loss of feeling in the parts of the body that would touch a saddle. In these situations, the victim should seek medical help immediately.

Herniated Disc Treatments

There are some herniated discs which heal on their own; however, many victims end up suffering with symptoms long-term, often needing physical therapy or surgery. Pain is usually treated with medication.

Damages for a Herniated Disc Injury

The pain from a herniated disc injury can be depilating, leaving a victim unable to work or even perform daily activities. The recovery can take months and if the victim requires surgery to repair the disc, that usually requires an additional six to eight weeks to recover. In the meantime, the medical expenses keep mounting and the victim is unable to work and collect their wages.

This is why Virginia law allows accident victims to pursue damages against the at-fault party who caused the accident that resulted in the injuries. Victims are entitled to all medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional anguish.

A Virginia back injury attorney can go over the details of your case and determine what losses you have suffered and what a fair compensation for those losses is.

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